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What Are The Best Eyelash Growth Serums? Which Is Right For You?

Jeepers Creepers- Where’d You Get Those Peepers!? In our search for the perfect, luscious lash length, we decided to delve into what makes an effective and safe lash growth product that actually produces results! And what the heck are the differences between prescription products like Latisse and Latanoprost, and ¬†eyelash growth serums you can get

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Should You Use Waterproof Mascara?

We all know the story… You’re going to a summer pool party and want your mascara to stay put. Or you’re about to see that new Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker and don’t want to leave the theater looking like Rachel McAdams after the rainstorm scene in The Notebook. But how healthy is waterproof mascara for lashes?

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