Get Rid of Dark Skin Spots at Home

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If you feel like you have an uneven skin tone, and are sick of trying to mask it with makeup, you can diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation on your face at home.

Dark spots can be caused by various factors- sun exposure, hormone fluctations, scarring, and commonly, aging skin that has lost ability to rejuvenate over time. All of these appearances are caused by the overproduction of melanin (what gives skin its color.) Here are some ways you can lighten troublesome areas without needing a prescription or medical procedures.

First, you will want to prevent any more damage to your skin by wearing a sunblock of SPF 30 daily. The sun’s UV rays will kick up melanin production, so if you are working on lightening dark spots, you will want to try to avoid much sun exposure. The sun is brightest from 10 am to about 4 pm, so try to spend as little time in direct sunlight during that time of day.

Secondly, you will want to find a skin product that will exfoliate old over-pigmented skin cells. Have you ever had a sunburn and when it peeled it looked like a layer of dirt coming off when the younger skin underneath was exposed? Pretty gross but oh so satisfying! Some ingredients to look for are retinoids (like retinol), glycolic acid, lactic acid (or alpha hydroxy acid). Keep in mind that while these work to sluff off old skin, these ingredients can cause skin sensitivity that can include redness and peeling, and care should be taken to avoid sun exposure because skin can be more susceptible to sunburn. The best tie to use products containing these ingredients is at night before bed.

Eva Naturals Retinol Serum

Eva Naturals Retinol Serum delivers nutrient-rich ingredients where you need them most! Retinol teams up with Jojoba and Vitamin E for anti-aging benefits. And if you struggle with hyperpigmentation and dark spots, Retinol helps fade them by accelerating cellular turnover. Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea are also in the mix, defending your skin against free radicals while soothing inflammation.

eva naturals anti wrinkle retinol serum

You will also want to help your skin produce healthy cells and retain moisture. Products containing Vitamins A, E, and C are desirable, as are products with niacinamide (B5), hyaluronic acid, green tea and licorice root. All of these are antioxidants that protect skin against free radicals and provide hydration.

Vya Naturals Vitamin C Serum For Face

Vya Natural’s Anti Aging and Skin Brightening Serum contains Vitamin C to reduce uneven skin tone, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Providing advanced antioxidants to protect against free radical damage. It helps the skin while moisturizing with deep hydration.

vitamin c serum


Use a facial cleansing brush every other day to exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth. Be sure to store your brush in a dry place, as leaving it in the shower can encourage mildew and bacteria growth on the brush head and will make your skin worse.

ETEREAUTY Waterproof Facial Brush Set

Ethereauty Waterproof Facial Brush

Apply moisturizers after you cleanse your face and lightly blotting your face- having damp skin and open pores will let the product absorb better.

Depending on the skin lightening product you choose, you will usually notice a difference in your dark spots in 4-6 weeks. Very dark spots may need dermatological medical assistance, and if you have very dark spots, you may want to consult a physician. In extreme cases a procedure such as microdermabrasion or laser treatment may be necessary to acheive the desired lightness and skin evenness.

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