What Are The Best Eyelash Growth Serums? Which Is Right For You?

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Jeepers Creepers- Where’d You Get Those Peepers!?

In our search for the perfect, luscious lash length, we decided to delve into what makes an effective and safe lash growth product that actually produces results! And what the heck are the differences between prescription products like Latisse and Latanoprost, and  eyelash growth serums you can get at the cosmetics counter?

A brief explanation is that products like Latisse are formulated to treat glaucoma, by reducing intraocular pressure. It is a prostaglandin analogue that works by increasing the outflow of aqueous fluid from the eyes. People started to notice that patients who used this had longer lashes. Prostaglandins increase the ratio of anagen (growth phase) to telogen (resting phase) hair count, which keeps follicles in a more constant state of growth.This is good news for brown-eyed beauties. Those with lighter eye colors may want to avoid products with prostaglandins, as a potential side effect is darkening of the irises. Another possible side effect can be slight irritation or discoloration of the eyelids.

(I, personally have used prostaglandins and had very positive effects, and no negative effects, but results can vary from individual. It is best to consider all the information at hand before testing a product.)

Over the counter lash growth products tend to rely on ingredients such as biotin, which is awesome for skin and hair growth and health and is basically vitamin B7, and combinations of plant-based ingredients such as grape seed, saw palmetto, green tea extracts, et al. These products do not tend to have as drastic results as ones containing prostaglandins, since they are missing the factor that prevents lashes from shedding in the natural cycle, however they work well to promote hair growth and quality, and may be considered a safer gamble, especially for light eyed people or those with very sensitive skin.

Below, we have compiled a list of 2 top lash serums containing prostaglandin, and 3 that do not contain that ingredient. All are top picks for luxurious lashes!


Babelash is our top contender for a non prescription lash growth serum. One of the main ingredients is biotin, which promotes hair growth and strengthening. Babelash also contains prostaglandin technology, similar to Latisse, but at a third of the cost, and you don’t need a prescription. Cruelty free.

lash growth serum long lashes
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2.)Advanced Lash

Advanced Lash contains a blend of bio-peptides, vitamins and natural extracts combined with prostaglandins, that help stimulate growth and nourish lashes and brows for a denser, thicker and longer appearance. It is physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested for safety. (We tried to find out if they are cruelty free, but were unable to find that info.)

Shop Advanced Lash

3.)Organys Lash & Brow Booster Serum

Organys Lash & Brow Booster Serum contains amino-acids that enhance the lashes & brows. It does not use prostaglandins. This is a lash nourisher and conditioner that helps maintain healthy and youthful looking lashes and brows. This product is great for anyone with sensitive skin and concerned about harmful ingredients in cosmetics. It is paraben and sulphate free. Not tested on animals.

eyelash growth serum longer lashes
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Rapidlash is also prostaglandin free, and relies on natural plant extracts that support advanced polypeptides, such as copper tripeptides, which are widely used to generate hair cell growth. It also contains vital amino-acids found in hair protein. Biotin is also a main ingredient. It has been tested by dermatologists and opthamologists. Not tested on animals.

eyelash growth serum lengthening
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5.)neuLash Lash Enhancing Serum

neuLash is also a highly popular lash product that uses Bioengineered Peptides, a proprietary combination of amino acids, which help promote stronger and longer-looking lashes. Pumpkin Seed Extract, rich in essential fatty acids, B vitamins, amino acids, phytosterols and beneficial minerals such as zinc and iron, helps lashes appear more luxurious. Not tested on animals.

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