Our Fav Festival Fashion

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It’s that time of year again! The sun is waking up from its winter slumber and masses of hip so-and-sos are flocking to the festival fields! If you can count yourself among the hoards attending Coachella, Sasquatch, Lollapalooza, or any number of sun drenched and music-soaked events, you’re probably obsessing over what you’re going to wear!

In this blog, we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite designers.

These duds are all to die for, and the best part about self-expression is you don’t need a festival to look fabulous- but it’s a good excuse!


Okay, so you may not be old enough to have gone surfing with the alien, but you can still look like the mothership beamed you up and barfed you back out! Marina makes the most out-of-this-world colorful accessories and her trippy room installations make us wish we could live in them. Basically the conundrum here isn’t whether to wear Marina Fini, it’s deciding what to wear! We vote everything!

Links: MarinaFini.com
Shop link:Marina’s Etsy
Social Media:Instagram


We love this brand- you can choose to go acid valley-girl glam or gloom-chic so salty your eyes will sting!

Shop Link: Current Mood
Social Media:Instagram


Audrey Kitching of Crystal Cactus has a variety of fantastic items in her shop, some of the eye catchingest (is that a word!?) being a collection of amazing gemstone jewelry. Who doesn’t like matching their accessories to their auric vibrational needs, man? While you’re there, grab a hand-poured candle to get you in the right headspace for Bassnectar’s set.

Link to Shop:Crystal Cactus
Social Media:Instagram


The End is a Vintage Shop in the high desert outside of LA. It is owned by Kime Buzzelli who is a sweetheart artist and stylist- can ya’ll say Billy Ray!? Besides carrying an ever revolving wardrobe of Vintage clothing and shoes, she also sells handmade jewelry and crafts from local artists. If you are searching for a very unique item to make your look explode off the ‘seen at Coachella’ charts- check out The End!

Website:The End
Shop:The End Online Shop
Social Media:Instagram

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will talk about perfecting your festival makeup and hair lewks!

Disclaimer: All images used in this post do not belong to me, and belong to the respective artists under which they were posted.

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